Lets go vertical.

About Me.

I like what I do.

I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Seyhan Ersoy and I am a mechanical engineer. I received my PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Lehigh University in 1985. I am currently living in the Lehigh Valley (PA) and work as a Perl Programmer, which I love. As a hobby I work on Flash animations of mechanisms and pneumatic systems, this is something I also love working on.

Since my work and hobbies are related to programming I spend a lot of time on the computer; which has turned out to be a good thing because I stumbled upon the Flap Turbine idea while working on an animation project. I am very optimistic about this patent pending turbine; I believe it is the only feasible turbine which can be used equally in air, water and waves.

On this site I will try to explain many of the concepts related to wind turbines. I hope with time, more and more people will build Flap Turbines to see its advantages.

Thank you for visiting my site.