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Videos of the Worlds Largest Flap Turbine

Two Sails

Here we were preparing the sails for a four sail configuration and I wanted to know if the turbine would work with two sails or not so we tried it. I thought it would not work but I was wrong. The rotation was not smooth but it was rotating. The wavy motion of the flaps will be eliminated once they are manufactured with plastics.

Three Sails

This is the worlds largest check-valve turbine (AKA the flap turbine) that has ever been built. The height of each sail is 5 feet. The flaps of this turbine are constructed from tent fabrics for prototyping purposes during actual construction they will be manufactured from plastics. The applications of this turbine is limited only by our imaginations.

Four Sails

Ideally each level of the check-valve turbine should have at least three sails to efficiently generate electricity. However, two sails in each level, as seen in this video, can be used to reduce the cost.

Six Sails

This configuration of the check-valve turbine will be used for land based applications, such as on rooftops of urban areas. Each level will have at least three sails and the sails will be offset by 60 degrees from the layer above allowing the turbine to rotate smoothly.