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In a plan that would drastically remake New York Cityís skyline and shores, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was seeking to put wind turbines on the cityís bridges and skyscrapers and in its waters as part of a wide-ranging push to develop renewable energy. Here is the article describing the Mayor's plan for this ambitious proposal. I think the Mayor is a visionary and what he proposes is achievable. However, a majority of the people disagree with him and the cartoons like shown here shows us that we still have a long way to go. This criticism is understandable when you think of wind turbines as three bladed monsters filling skyline. While the three bladed turbines are very good in the open seas or at high elevations (such as mountains), they are not suitable for urban areas due to their tower requirements. They are also not suitable for use in the turbulent wind which exist in urban areas. The most suitable wind power for urban areas are the low cost vertical axis wind turbines with small flaps attached to their sails. These turbines are best suited to operate in turbulent wind and they do not have negative drag on the sails when the sails are moving against the wind. They can be built at large sizes which will cost less than the the tower of the three bladed turbines in comparable power output. Only time will tell how the landscape and skyscape of our urban areas will change, hopefully the mayor's visions will be a part of our (near) future. I am not a gambler, but I can bet on this that the mayor will be right.